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Lead and backing vocals and second guitar

Gary’s  music career began in the 70’s when he joined Folk Rock Band 9.30 Fly. The band went on to record  an album at the iconic Rockfield Studios for EMI’s Ember label & toured the UK  extensively.

Following this he got involved with song writing & recording running The Old Smithy Studios Worcestershire in its early days.

Wind forward to 2000.

As a result of seeing The Great British Rock Symphony at Ragley Hall Worcestershire Gary decided to get back into performing live music again & put a band together as a tribute to Great British Rock under the name “Classic Rock UK”

The band enjoyed 3 years performing in Rock Venues, Theatres & Festivals throughout the UK.

They opened their show with 20 mins of classics from The Who & ended with a 15 min Zeppelin medley with the music of Cream, Free, Bad Company & Humble Pie in between.

In 2006 the band went on to concentrate on The Who material & changed the name to My  Generation. Gary then went on to join Who’s Next, Europe’s top Tribute to The Who touring the Uk & Europe.

Over the next 7 years there were many highlights but the most memorable was Who’s Next sharing the stage with Kieser Chiefs, The Corrs, KT Tunstell, The Proclaimers & James Morrison at BBC Radio 2’s Carfest.

Hearing 30,000 singing Who Are You back to the stage is something Gary will never forget, an amazing experience!!!

Looking for something totally fresh.

Gary decided to follow his love for the music of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. He brought 

musicians together from around the UK & formed “The Tom Petty Legacy” 

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